Dr Stephen Chow

Bachelor in Medicine & Surgery (Edinburgh)

Membership of Royal College of General Practitioners (UK)

Membership of Royal College of Physicians (UK)

Diploma in Geriatric Medicine (London)

Diploma in Child Health (London)

Diploma in Dermatology (London)

Dr Chow graduated from the University of Edinburgh Medical School, UK, in 1990. He worked in and around London, UK, in different specialties, including General Practice, Internal Medicine, and Dermatology. He returned to Hong Kong near the end of 1996 and started his own private practice, mainly in Dermatology. With the growing popularity of Cosmetic Dermatology, he started incorporating different laser treatments in his practice in 1998, and expanded his interest in other areas such as Botox and Fillers.

He set up one of the earliest web site of its kind, DrHealthBeauty.com, in 1999, which contains detailed information on General Dermatology as well as Cosmetic Dermatology, and he helped answering numerous dermatological problems via the internet. He has been interviewed in many articles in the press, and has written articles regularly in some of the health magazines here in Hong Kong. He published a book in Cosmetic Dermatology in 2003 and a book in General Dermatology in 2005, both were geared to deliver health information to the general public.

He believes in good doctor-patient communication, which is the basic in every branches of Medicine. Only by understanding the exact needs of the patient can a doctor deliver the most appropriate treatments; and only by informing the patient in details can he / she make the best choice and comply with the treatments in full.

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