The GentleYAG laser is a long pulsed Nd-YAG laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm, which is in the mid infrared range. Evidences suggest that lasers in this range may be the best choice for safe non-ablative laser skin tightening on a wide range of skin types, including tanned skin.

It safely and effectively treats a wide variety of cosmetic skin problems. Apart from skin tightening and treating wrinkles, it offers treatment capabilities in hair reduction, leg veins, and facial veins.

How Does It Work?

It can penetrate deep into the dermis, heat up the dermal contents, and stimulate more collagen remodeling. New collagen growth will continue for four to six months post treatment.

Its wavelength is weakly attracted to melanin, and therefore there is reduced risk of heating up and burning the epidermis. What is more is that, it has a patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), where a cold cryogen is sprayed onto the skin, cooling the upper layers just before the laser fires. This further protects the epidermis from thermal damage, and provides patients with maximum comfort.

It has a large treatment spot size up to 18mm, which means the treatment is fast, with fewer laser pulses.

Treatment Examples

Treatment Procedures

Like any other skin tightening lasers, there is a fair amount of pain during treatment, which is usually described as snaps by a rubber band. This can be minimised by application of a topical local anaesthetic cream for an hour before the treatment.

Shot after shot, the laser is applied to the whole treatment area. Usually a second or even a third pass is done to maximise the dermal response.

After the treatment, there is a warm to hot feeling, with some associated redness. These will gradually disappear in a couple of hours, and there is no trace of treatment. As a result, the downtime is absolutely minimal and you can return to normal activities immediately.

Some patients have reported that they can see results in just a few days after treatment; however, the optimum results occur anywhere from 4 - 6 weeks after the treatment. A second treatment may be done approximately 6 weeks apart. The number of treatment depends on the severity of skin laxity, and usually falls between 4 - 6 treatments.

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