Intrinsic aging is a natural aging process that normally begins in adulthood. This is unavoidable and any prevention or treatment can only slow down but not completely stop the process.


Dead skin cells do not shed as quickly and turnover of new skin cells may decrease slightly. The skin becomes thickened, rough, with easy loss of water. With diminishing amount of Intercellular Lipid and Natural Moisturising Factor, the water retaining ability is getting less and less. The dry and rough skin surface does not reflect well and appears dull with lack of luster.

The number of melanocytes can be as much as halved. This lower ability to make melanin makes the skin pale. Hair becomes gray and eventually turns white.

Epidermis – Dermis Junction

The interlocking finger-like processes are lost gradually and this junction becomes flat. The ability to withstand shearing force is lost and the skin can sustain injuries easily.


The collagen regresses, changing from wavy to straight structures. The interwoven arrangement is lost. Bundles of collagen are split and scattered around.

The elastic fibres increased in numbers but are plump and damaged, and are arranged in a disorganised manner. A lot of them are broken into smaller pieces. The skin becomes thin, saggy, and filled with wrinkles.

The Subcutis

Loss of underlying fat, leading to loss of skin firmness, and therefore the skin becomes saggy. The overall skin thickness decreases, making the underlying blood vessels much more visible. hollowed cheeks and eye sockets as well as noticeable.

Sebaceous Glands

The oily secretion decreases, making the skin dry and itchy.

Hair follicles

They shrink in size. The growth phase of the hair cycle is shortened, with hair easily falling off. The hair density is sparse. Hair becomes gray and eventually turns white.

Blood Vessels

They become brittle and easily broken. Blood leakages cause patches of bruises that eventually leave behind bluish-red stains.

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