Lifting with thread has been used for aesthetic treatment for some years. Previously these procedures are more invasive and use threads that are not absorbable, such as the Aptos, Silhouette, and Gold thread. The mechanism is simply to pull and hold, with knots tying the threads together and the knots buried in the skin.

These days Thread Lift has been modified and it is now a relatively simple and safe procedure with lasting result in lifting and tightening sagging skin tissues. The thread being used is made of bio-absorbable and anti-microbial Polydioxanone (PDO) filament. Each thread is attached to a needle and when the needle is inserted and withdrawn, the thread is left behind implanted in the skin.

Each thread is very fine (thickness of 0.07mm-0.15mm). There are different lengths of threads, ranging from 25mm to 90mm or even longer, for different areas on the body. There are also different designs of the thread:


    • Single filament straight thread
    • Single filament spiral thread
    • Twisted multi-filaments thread
    • Thread with cogs along the length


Single filament straight thread

How does Fine Thread Lift work?

Fine thread lift activates the regenerative process and mechanical stimulation of wound healing, leading to production of collagen and tissue contraction, on top of the physical support by the threads, over a period of 180 days when the thread is slowly degraded and absorbed by the body.

The result in younger people is so prominent that it creates a very slim and sharp lower facial contour and is called Ultra V Lift / Super V Lift by some doctors.

How is Fine Thread Lift done?

For different areas, the doctor will choose a combination of different lengths and different directions to achieve skin lifting. It can be applied to the face, neck, and other parts of the body, such as the loose hanging tissue at the back of upper arms, tummy, and buttocks. As a result, it can correct naso-labial fold, sagging jowl line, droopy eyebrows, double chins, neck wrinkles and so on.

To give as an example, the number of needle insertions for the full face is about 40 - 50, and for the upper neck about 25 - 30, and each takes about 30 minutes to finish. Numbing cream for 30 minutes prior to the procedure is necessary to minimize the discomfort.


Are there any side effects?

The needles are very fine, comparable to acupuncture needles and the procedure is minimally invasive. Usually numbing cream applied for 30 - 45 minutes is all that required. The complication is usual just a small amount of swelling or bruises, and some people may feel tightness or pulling, but these will usually resolve in a few days.

When is result seen and how long will it last?

An initial result will be seen in about 2 weeks but more definite result will gradually come in 1 to 2 months. The lasting duration varies, depending upon the patient's age at the time of the procedure, the degree of sagging and the number of threads used. However, a repeat treatment after 1 to 2 years is recommended.

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