Like the sunken temples, some people are born with a flat cheek bone, so that the cheeks look hollow. Sometimes we refer the cheek as an apple because when we are younger we have some fat pad in that area and when a child smiles, it bulks up like an apple.

Actually when we all age, the collagen is lost and the fat pad as well as the subcutis migrates downwards due to gravity, and the cheeks will definitely look more flat and sunken.

Apart from negatively affecting the facial shape, this also makes worse the swollen eye bags, tear troughs, naso-labial folds, and sagging appearance, giving an old and tired look.

Large molecule Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler has been used with great success but it is more recommended now to use Sculptra for this purpose because the result is more natural and is also more cost efficient.

However, Sculptra should not be injected above the cheeks into the orbit / eye bags area, otherwise there is a high chance of causing some ugly looking fibrous lumps, and again it is important to go to an experienced cosmetic doctor.

Injected with Dermal Filler
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