Eczema is not a single disease. It is a term frequently used to describe a group of skin problems, and sometimes used interchangeably with dermatitis. Each has different causative factors, is characterised by different signs of inflammation, and almost invariably causes itchiness. Its features depend on the cause, the area affected, and whether it is acute or chronic in time.

Possible Signs of Eczema

  • Redness
  • Blisters
  • Weeping
  • Dry scabs
  • Scratch marks
  • Dry and broken skin
  • Thickened skin

Features of Eczema
Blisters in Acute Eczema

Acute eczema is red, may weep and has blisters. When the inflammation subsides, the redness decreases and dry scabs begin to form.

If the inflammation is allowed to continue, the eczema will become chronic. The skin is thickened and hardened because of the continual scratching. The skin lines are deepened, the skin colour is darkened, and the surface is broken.

The causes of eczema may simply be divided into internal and external factors, but in practice, most cases have many different causing factors, both internally and externally. Because of this, there are many types of eczema, the prevalence of each is different in different age groups. This is a rough distribution below:

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