This is sometimes referred to as the Intradermal Botox / Dysport Lift. The Botox / Dysport is injected into the dermis of the skin, not into the muscles as in the conventional way of injection.

Botox / Dysport is injected into multiple points around the under-eye areas, or along the facial margin all around. The effect of the toxin injected in this manner contracts an area of the skin between injection points, therefore causing the tightening.

The lifting effect on the face is also attributed to injections near the jaw line, where Botox / Dysport diffuses into the underlying platysmus muscles, weakens the downward pull of it on the face, and therefore gives the cheeks and jowls a lift, with tighter and firmer appearance.

Botox / Dysport is usually more diluted than in the conventional muscular injections. Very often it is mixed with a diluted hyaluronic acid, which will help to enhance a firm and youthful appearance.

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