Ion Magnum was invented and built by Gerry Pollock, co-inventor of the first pace-maker in London University to treat nervous system disorders like Multiple Sclerosis and Muscle Atrophy. 

It is an advanced fitness system that rapidly burns fat and delivers the benefit of an intense workout without the pain and physical exertion of conventional exercise.

How Does Ion Magnum Works?

Based upon the same “waveform technology” that is used by pacemakers to power heart muscles, Ion Magnum works with a specific micro-current signal and uses micro-current frequency to contract the muscles in the body, simulating normal exercise.

The waveforms generated in Ion Magnum are specifically designed so that they are identical to the ones generated by the brain during the course of a workout. This tricks the muscles into believing that they are being worked out, and the muscles will contract smoothly. Unlike other muscle stimulators of the past which used electrical current (not signals) to twitch or jerk the muscles to contraction.

How is it Different from Natural Workout?

The biggest advantage of Ion Magnum is that unlike natural workout, it does not burn glucose but only targets fat cells for generating energy, thereby alleviating the occurrence of fatigue.

If glucose is burnt for energy, it produces lactic acid, which causes sore muscles. With Ion Magnum hardly any lactic acid is produced, there will not be any soreness as after strenuous exercise in the gym.

What are the Potential Benefits?

Ion Magnum can be placed on almost any muscle group on the body and if used regularly, combined with a sensible diet, will tone up and firm the body effectively just like going to the gym.

With each 30 minutes session, the Ion Magnum treats the entire body, actually working and rejuvenating your skin and muscles as if you had done hours of conventional exercise. It does not just remove excess fat, but contributes in rendering a good shape to the body.

  • Burn 5000 calories in a single session
  • Burn excessive body fat, particularly deep visceral fat
  • Waists reduction
  • Decrease stretch marks
  • Skin toning and firming
  • Promote muscles building and improve core strength
  • Cellulite removal
  • Breast lift / Buttock lift
  • Boost detoxification
  • Improve lymphatic drainage

Treatment Protocol

Each session is approximately 30 minutes. Outer clothing is removed to expose the arms, legs and abdomen. While lying comfortably on a treatment bed, pads for signals transmission are strapped to specific target zones of the body. The Ion Magnum system has different channels so that the arms, abdominal and thighs can be treated at the same time. Patients can read and relax throughout the treatment.

There is some result seen immediately after the session, and there is no recovery time. To achieve sustained fitness and good health, a program comprised of 10 treatments, twice a week, is recommended. Maintenance treatments can be done once every two to four weeks.

Is there any Side Effects?

The Ion Magnum is extraordinarily safe with no significant risks for people of normal health. However, precautions and avoidances are necessary for:

  • Diabetics: will need to compensate exercise with increased intake of sugar or medication.
  • Hearing aids: must be removed for the procedure
  • Childbirth: 3 months after delivery
  • Cesarean Section: after 6 months
  • Hysterectomy: after 1 year
  • Surgery: after at least 4 months
  • Menstruation: avoid first three days of menses
  • Heart Condition and Pace Maker
  • Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Device
  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • Metal Plates/Pins
  • Loss of Sensation in Skin
  • Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure

Ion Magnum has benefited many people who

  • could not go for surgery due to some reasons
  • suffered injuries preventing them from maintaining active lifestyles
  • lack the time for adequate workout on a regular, consistent basis
  • detest exercise and the sometimes loud and unsanitary environment of local gyms

Ion Magnum is an excellent method to add to your current fitness regime, to maximize strength and enhance physical performance. Treatments will allow you to achieve your exercise goals in a much quicker and easier way.

Before & After from another treatment centre:

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