Principle & Mechanism

Micro-needling treatment uses very fine and short needles to puncture the epidermal layers into the superficial dermis, causing minute injuries which act as the focuses of regeneration from many different cell types in our immunity system. During the regeneration process, fibroblasts are stimulated to create more collagen and elastic tissues, resulting in a rejuvenated status.

Different needle lengths and density can be used to suit different clinical situations.

Areas of Application

The micro-needling treatment alone can:

  • Tighten and rejuvenate the skin
  • Improve large pores
  • Improve acne scarring
  • Improve fines lines and deep wrinkles
  • Improve tummy lines after delivery

During the treatment, some medically proven, active ingredients can be applied at the same time and these can penetrate more effectively into the deeper levels of the skin. To further enhance the absorption, a machine called Cryo-electrophoresis can be used which, through the positivity and negativity ends, induces the deep penetration of the ingredients, and through this corrects problems of different nature.

  • Vitamin C – whitening, even skin tone and colouration, correct melasma
  • Tranexamic acid – whitening, even skin tone and colouration, correct melasma
  • Growth factors – improve hair thinning and reverse hair loss

Micro-needling Cryo-Electrophoresis can very often treat some difficult problems that cannot be solved even with laser, for example the notorious melasma. If it is not making it better, it certainly would not make it worse, which happens frequently with laser treatments. Examples of melasma treatment:


Treatment Process

After cleansing, numbing cream is applied for 30 minutes. Then the numbing cream is removed and the skin is further cleaned with antiseptic solution. According to different problems, different needle length is selected. Then one or more medical ingredients are selected for different purposes, for example a formula for pigmentation, a formula for promoting wound recovery, and a formula for improving hair growth. Cryo-electrophoresis is done for 20 minutes and then a cream for recovery and preventing wound infection is applied.

The pain is minimal during the procedure, and thereafter there is minimal redness and stinging or burning feeling, which usually subsides in a few hours to 1 day. To alleviate this, soothing masks or cold towel can be applied.

Only use mild cleansing lotion for face cleansing and after which again apply the recovery / antiseptic cream. The whole recovery process takes only 1 to 2 days. Makeup can be applied after 1 day but it is recommended not to put on any potentially irritating skincare for 1 week, and to avoid washing face with hot water or use facial scrubbing.

To further enhance the result of treatment, good hydration lotion and masks should be used in the first few days, and also need to use sunscreen as well as avoid strong sun exposure.

Risks of Treatment

It has been over a decade since micro-needling is used, from the original roller, then stamps, to the current electric version. Under proper medical setting it is very safe and the risk of wound infection is very low, which has been seen happening not too infrequently in beauty salons. To minimize this risk, one needs to select the treatment centre carefully.

For those who are allergic to metallic impurities, then they might have a similar problem with the micro-needles and testing on a small area should be done prior to a full treatment.

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