Looking from the front the chin can be too small and short, and looking from the side, it can be too retracted backwards. This is mainly a result of the facial bone structure we are born with.

When the jaw or the chin is too small, short, and retracted, the ratio of the facial contour is changed with a less attractive appearance. Plastic surgeon can insert a chin implant, but if the deficit is not too much then injecting with Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler is enough to create a significant improvement.

Many people request Dermal Filler augmentation because of a flat looking or skewed chin. What they are hoping to achieve is a rounder, more pointed, or merely more symmetrical looking chin.

However, sometimes the injection is done with too much in the centre of the chin, without paying attention to the overall ratio of the jaw, giving the chin a weird curve and over pointedness. It is corrected by filling in the sides of the jaw as in this case:

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